Setting out

I’ve been focusing on compositions recently, bringing together individual elements that together form a single piece or create a ‘set’ There’s something about composing these

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Earth and Fire 2013

I got back from Earth and Fire at Rufford in Nottinhamhsire this week and am just recovering from the experience! It was exhausting but also

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Curious Utensils

Alongside making vessels, I have another side to my work; making curious utensils or ambiguous objects. I’ve recently created some more of these small and obscure

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Bircham Gallery

A selection of my work will shortly be available at the Bircham Gallery in Holt in Norfolk. The gallery has a fantastic selection of contemporary

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Testing Testing

Its taken some time to get my new gas kiln going but I’m finally getting close to doing my first firing in it. The bespoke

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Celadon Series

This week I fired another group in my series of celadon vessels. The firing went very smoothly, and the pots came out looking good. I’m

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Kiln Day

Today was Kiln-day… My brand new shiny kiln arrived on the doorstep! It was pretty exciting, but the excitement was coupled with a box-load of

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