Celadon Series

Elaine Bolt, 'Dwelling' vessels - group of sevenThis week I fired another group in my series of celadon vessels. The firing went very smoothly, and the pots came out looking good. I’m still sharing space in a fellow potter’s kiln until I get my own one set up. But for now, with small batches of pots, this is working out very well. This firing contained two styles of vessels that I call ‘Dwelling’ and ‘Within’, all with the same celadon glaze recipe. Even though there are ‘families’ of pots here, each one is different with unique markings and variation in shape and tone. The glaze also produces subtle variations depending on the thickness of the glaze and its placing in the kiln. In some pieces, the glaze is quite frosty and in others it has shinier, glassier tendencies.

I’ve taken some photographs of the pots today. This helps me to assess the pieces as well as forming a record of the work. The natural light wasn’t as good as I would have liked, but I think I just about got away with it. I’ve been playing around with trying black backgrounds and grey backgrounds. I also tried adding other ‘props’ including pebbles, though I’m not sure I’m so keen on that style.

I often like to have photos of the vessels in groups – for me, they seem to want to cluster together, almost as if for comfort and security. There’s an element of anthropomorphism in seeing them that way, but for me, vessels do seem to have that connection with us as people, as well as with each other.

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