My sculptural pieces can be indoor works, or stand on a larger scale in the landscape.


The ‘Reeds’ sculptural installation was shown during the Fresh Air Sculpture show in the summer of 2022. Each piece was made in architectural stoneware and held in the ground with a steel rod.

'Trees' installation by Elaine Bolt at the Pond House, Isfield

My recent sculptural installation ‘River Trees’ has taken the form of a set of ceramic tree-like pieces that stand on the river bank or in water. This cluster of white ceramic trees form a skeletal, ghostly gathering of tree forms, cropped of their branches, with only the core of the trees remaining. Made and joined in sections, with varying height and width, they are 5ft at their tallest. Here, the Ceramic ‘trees’ are seen standing in the beautiful pond of a rural country cottage in Sussex.

'River Trees' installation at the Fresh Air Sculpture show 2019

The trees were first made as a site-specific installation for the Coln river bank and shown there during the Fresh Air Sculpture show in the summer of 2019. The installation at the show placed the trees along the river bank and stepping down into the river, into the flow of the water. The varying height and width of the trees gave each one an individual appearance and as a group, their white forms appeared as if on the move. In the development phase, I received bursary funding awarded by the Quennington Sculpture Trust and, at the show, the piece won an award for a travel bursary from Steppes_Travel. After the show the installation was taken down and re-installed at ‘The Pond House’ in Sussex where they stood as a more static, imposing group in the water.

The development and installation process provided many challenges and you can read more about how the project developed in my blog post.

Further Information / Commission a Sculpture

The Trees are available to commission as a sculptural installation and can be made to suit a specific outdoor site, on ground in a garden or in water. To find out more, drop me an email.

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