Woodland vessels

Thrown, porcelain and stoneware vessels subtly disrupted or altered by their contact with nature. Inspired by walks in the woodland, these pieces include found twigs, lichen, acorn cups, porcelain additions and other materials.

Weft collection

Thrown and hand-built porcelain and stoneware vessels in a natural colour range, some with hand-carved markings. This collection features the muted tones of cream, beige and dark flecked brown found in undyed wool and yarn. The forms and textures of the vessels are inspired by shapes and textures found in weaving – the tapered forms of yarn cones and the repeated lines drawn in the warp and weft of woven fabric. My signature use of mixed media sees the use of carefully placed additions – in this case tendrils of wisteria draw meandering lines above some of the ceramic pieces.

Elaine Sheppard Bolt - Weft collection of vessels at Gallery East

Chalk and Flint collection

Thrown and hand-built porcelain vessels in a muted colour range suggested by the chalk and flint landscape of the Sussex Downs; with handles inspired by those found on everyday objects such as baskets and buckets.

All my vessels are individual. These images show examples of work I’ve made.
These exact pieces may not be available but are indicative of the work I produce.

See the Stockists page to find out where my pieces are currently available.

Credits: Photographs on this page are by Catherine Benson, Alun Callender, Yeshen Venema and Elaine Bolt

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