Line blue and beach white

I’ve recently been finding lots of things that appeal to me in the colour blue, mainly around the home. And, almost by accident I’ve also been re-discovering lines. I rather like objects and groupings that combine rounded forms with straight lines so this may be why I’m particularly drawn to the image of the blue circle of paint on lined wooden decking.

The lines in the wood reminded me of the throwing lines I make in my terracotta ‘grounds’. When I throw vessels I often smooth these away, and sometimes incise other lines during the making process. But when throwing lines are left alone, they can provide a subtle surface feature, reminding us of its hand-made nature.

Elaine Bolt vessel composition



I’ve also been finding inspiration at the beach. I recently went to Birling Gap (not far from where I live) and found myself drawn again to the flint lines in the chalk cliff face, as well as the debris on the beach. Here a pile of rope and twisted coils of fishing wire sits, guarding the entrance to a white walled cave.

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