Kiln Day

Today was Kiln-day… My brand new shiny kiln arrived on the doorstep!

The kiln arrives

It was pretty exciting, but the excitement was coupled with a box-load of nerves. Would it be damaged? Would we get it through the door? … I like to worry.

But the delivery itself was fine, we unpackaged it on the street and set about taking it apart to get it into my workshop. Even in sections, it was beyond heavy but, with some emergency help drafted in at the last minute, we got it in there.

Its a gas fired kiln which means I’ll be able to do reduction firings in my own studio and create the celadon glaze colours I love. At the moment I’m relying on the help of others and borrowing space in friends kilns. But once its all set up, I’ll be finally able to do the whole process in my workshop.

The next hurdle is to get it set up though. I’ll need to install the flue, hook it up to gas cylinders and get it firing. It’s going to take a while to get all the technical stuff set up, but its here and its a thing of beauty. I’m a pretty lucky potter.

 Thanks go to Hesketh Potters’ Supplies for making it happen and being very nice too.

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