Past work

Past work

Woodland Vessels 2017-

Thrown, porcelain and stoneware vessels subtly disrupted or altered by their contact with nature. Inspired by walks in the woodland, these pieces include found twigs, lichen, acorn cups, porcelain additions and other materials.

Weft Pieces 2018-2019

Thrown, porcelain and stoneware vessels with small incised lines on the slipped surface referencing the lines of the warp and weft of woven textiles. This collection was revisited in 2023 and continues with new pieces developed to update and expand the range.

Shoreline pieces 2012-2016

Thrown, reduction-fired ‘buoy’ vessels with found materials and ‘ghost gear’ added. Wall pieces made using found materials from the strand line combined with ceramic pieces.

Thrown Porcelain Functional Vessels 2014-2015

Teabowls, pourers, plates, and salt dishes made in porcelain with celadon glazes.

Dwelling vessels 2012-2014

Thrown porcelain and terracotta vessels, reduction fired.

Within Vessels 2012-2014

Thrown and altered, reduction fired porcelain and terracotta vessels with enclosed rims.

Vessel compositions 2012-2013

Thrown and altered terracotta ‘grounds’ with thrown porcelain vessels and terracotta stick bundles.

Curious Utensils 2012-

Porcelain and mixed media pieces made as ‘curious utensil’ compositions. This collection uses motifs of domestic objects such as household utensils alongside natural materials such as twigs and leaves. Often the distinction between these worlds is broken down as twigs merge with spoons. The addition of found materials serves to further blur the boundaries in the compositions. This collection continues on in my current work.

Celadon and iron oxide vessels 2011-2012

Thrown, rounded forms in porcelain with celadon glazes and iron oxide details. Thrown reduction-fired terracotta vessels with porcelain slip.

These images show examples of work I’ve made in the past.

See the ‘Current Work‘ page to find out about recent pieces and projects.


Credits: Photographs on this page are by Yeshen Venema and Elaine Bolt

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