Ethical Policy

Ethics, for me, are always about being in a state of learning and development; but I am striving to develop an ethical practice that respects the environment, other individuals and communities. In my practice I aim to:

  • seek out materials and employ practices that minimise my impact on the environment. In ceramics that can be difficult at times, but in practice I aim to re-use and recycle materials as much as possible, support environmentally positive organisations and encourage discussion with fellow crafts people to help improve my impact on the environment
  • recognise and oppose racism at all levels wherever I can. I am working to continue to educate myself about my own privilege and learn how to support and amplify Black voices and creativity.
  • support and use ethically run businesses where I can, support women in business, and stand against unpaid labour for artists
  • this is just a very small start but I’m working on it
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