Subtle Changes

My firings use a gas kiln, in reduction, and such firings can always be a little unpredictable. I’ve become used to the subtle changes that occur from firing to firing and from shelf to shelf depending on the glaze mix, the temperature differences, the amount of reduction, the weather and even the whims of the kiln […]

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Sea Change

I have just opened the kiln to inspect my first reduction firing of 2014. I had been very nervously waiting for the kiln to cool down because the firing itself hadn’t seemed to go particularly smoothly. So this morning, when it was cool enough to open, I inspected the results and found there were some

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Testing Testing

Its taken some time to get my new gas kiln going but I’m finally getting close to doing my first firing in it. The bespoke swivelling flue is installed, the gas burners are attached, the pyrometer is working, and it gets hot inside! So it’s all systems go. I’m aiming to do my first firing

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Kiln Day

Today was Kiln-day… My brand new shiny kiln arrived on the doorstep! It was pretty exciting, but the excitement was coupled with a box-load of nerves. Would it be damaged? Would we get it through the door? … I like to worry. But the delivery itself was fine, we unpackaged it on the street and

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