Woodland Utensils (commission)


You can commission me to make a framed composition of ceramic pieces and found materials, similar to those pictured here. They come in a dark stained wood un-glazed frame with grey backing board. The exterior dimensions of the frame start at: h 23cm x w 17cm. Alternative compositions and sizes can be made to suit you, so please get in touch to discuss what you’d like.


You can commission me to make a ceramic and mixed-media framed wall piece.

You can choose elements to include or follow a similar design to ones featured here. I can tailor the design to incorporate motifs of your choosing and even include your own found objest if you have something special. Often my wall pieces incorporate ceramic pieces which are hand-made from porcelain and stoneware in the form of utensil-like objects coloured with oxides. The natural materials added to the composition can include willow twigs, acorn cups, alder cones and coloured lichen, or pieces from your own collection.

With all my framed compositions, the objects are held in the frame using wire loops. The backing board is a soft dark grey and the wooden frame is stained and waxed to a dark brown-black finish and left without glass to allow the viewer to get up close and see the details.  The piece will be signed by the artist and the frame will come with appropriate hanging wire.

Framed compositions made to order take approximately 6-8 weeks.

If you are interested, you can order here or email me first to enquire about the details.


Dimensions 4 × 26 × 33 cm
size cm

23 x 17, 33 x 26, 30 x 30, 40 x 40, 40 x 70

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