Pebble Beach

I take a lot of inspiration from the beach. Sometimes it’s oblique; things catch my eye and then filter through in unexpected ways. Sometimes it’s as direct as the things I find on the beach becoming part of a mixed-media work. The beaches I take inspiration from aren’t the idilic ones with golden sand, they’re the ones with pebbles and a line of seaweed and flotsam, or with concrete harbour walls and ferry ports. I often go to Newhaven and Seaford nearby. They’re not glamorous places, but they’re beautifully empty, with only the occasional dog walker or brave surfer to share the space with at this time of year.

On a recent trip to Norfolk I took some close-up photos of a concrete harbour wall. I loved the textures, colours and lines. The images are now floating around in my head, nagging me to do something about them. I’m not sure what will emerge yet; maybe nothing, but maybe something some way down the line.

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