The Selkie – A collaborative exhibition

Over the last few months I have worked in collaboration with textile artist and weaver Imogen Di Sapia to produce a body of work that resonates with her beautiful woven fabric and hand died and spun yarn.


In Feburary we held our collaborative exhibition & installation at Lokal+, in Helsinki, Finland.

The project was a lovely opportunity for me to create some new work inspired by materials and processes that blend so beautifully with the colours and tones of my ceramics. The work we produced for the show went beautifully together and created a harmonious and calming space for visitors to the Helsinki craft space to enjoy.

Here are  a selection of images of my work and the two in combination.

These pieces work inspired by the lines of yarn in imogen’s textiles. They matched so well they almost appear to merge together. The dark lines were made using oxides brushed onto the surface over a soft milky glaze on porcelain.

Another darker woven textile piece inspired a vessel that had short lines of glaze painted onto the surface of a flint black porcelain vessel. The lines appeared rather subtle after firing but I rather liked the subtlety.


Other pieces were made to reflect the shape and lines found in yarn spools. These pieces were built as coil pots with lines incised into the clay.




This small project has given me lots to think about and lots of new ideas that will find their way into new work that I create.


Find out more about textiles by Imogen Di Sapia:

Images copyright Imogen Di Sapia & Elaine Bolt, 2019

Please share online with credits and links back to source.

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