Migrating Spoons

My spoons have been travelling. The surprising adventures of the ‘curious utensils’ has taken my spoons all the way to the USA.

One of my spoons has been selected to be part of an exhibition entitled OBJECT:SPOON 2014 organised by  Vipoo Srivilasa at Harvard University. The exhibition will feature 25 ceramic spoons of all different shapes and varieties, from 16 different countries. The show will run from 17 May to 27 June 2014.

Elaine Bolt spoon group


Thanks to the lovely Ioneta gallery in Maine, a selection of my spoons are also now available at the gallery and are currently featured as Item of the week on their website. My spoons sit happily amongst a selection of fascinating craft objects and antiques for the home, sourced from Japan and the US.

Elaine Bolt spoons at Ioneta


Its a strange thing, my tiny fragile spoons making their way around the world.  When I sent the spoons by courier to Ioneta, I was able to follow them online using the parcel tracking service. It recorded the parcel’s various stopping points from Sussex to Stanstead airport in the UK, to Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, to Newark airport New Jersey and finally to Rockland, Maine. It was a curious, and slightly nail-biting experience, like tracking migrating birds perhaps, willing them to reach their destination safely.

Shopping Basket
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